Web Alert: Asian piracy drops to 10-year low 亞洲海盜事件數量降至十年最低

來源:The Standard P&I Club @ 19 July 2018


The Regional Cooperation Agreement on Combating Piracy and Armed Robbery against Ships in Asia Information Shipping Centre (ReCAAP ISC) has issued its Half-Yearly Report for 2018, highlighting a 15% decrease in incidents compared to last year.

亞洲反海盜及武裝搶劫船只區域合作協定信息共享中心(ReCAAP ISC)發布2018年半年報,報告指出海盜案件數量較去年下降15%


From January to June 2018, a total of 40 incidents were reported of which 29 were actual incidents and 11 were attempted cases. This marks a 15% decrease compared to the same period in 2017, as well as the lowest number during the first half of the year over the last ten years.



This reduction in reported incidents reflects the fact that there were no actual incidents of abduction of crew, or theft of oil cargo over the last six months. Furthermore, there was a decrease in the number of incidents at ports and anchorages in the Philippines.



Although a reduction has been noted, ReCAAP ISC still lists several areas of concern. Incidents in the Singapore Strait increased from two to four year-on-year, while incidents increased from none to two year-on-year at ports and anchorages in Vietnam. Although there were no successful cases of crew abduction in the Sulu-Celebes seas, there was one reported attempted incident of abduction of crew.

盡管報告事件數量有所減少,ReCAAP ISC仍列舉幾個值得關注的領域。在新加坡海峽發生的事件從去年的兩件上升至今年的四件,而在越南港口和錨地發生的事件從去年的零事故增至今年的兩件。雖然在蘇魯-西里伯斯海域(Sulu-Celebes seas)并沒有實際發生船員被劫持情況,但需要注意的是在該區域有一起綁架船員未遂事件被上報。


While ReCAAP ISC welcomes the decline in incidents in Asia, Executive Director Masafumi Kuroki states that 'continued vigilance by all stakeholders is an effective deterrence to maritime crime, and we urge heightened measures to be taken in the areas of concern'.

盡管ReCAAP ISC樂于看到亞洲事件的減少,但執行董事Masafumi Kuroki表示,“所有利益相關方保持警惕是對海上犯罪的有效威懾,我們敦促在相關領域采取更多更有力措施。”


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